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NewsLetter Archives

Animal Communication Institute
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We call it a newsletter, but it's more like ezine.
Timeless information that can help improve your relationship with your dog. We have articles on problem solving, trick training, treat recipes, and other valuable information that can help in obedience training and behavior modification.

The latest dog training information can be located in our quarterly edition of
Animal Communication Institute News.
See this seasons stories.


NewsLetter Archives

Every season we address a different dog training issue.

Winter 2003 Welcome back to the Animal Communication Institute Newsletter. In our Winter 2003 edition, we'll cover barking, a natural canine behavior that is one of the most difficult to modify, what the muzzle nudge behavior means, and a quick liver treat recipe.


Fall 2002 In our Fall 2002 edition, we cover stealing food, teaching your dog to roll over, why dogs eat feces, and Lexi shares a recipe for an icy cold meat and yogurt treat.

Summer 2002 In our Summer 2002 edition, we'll cover how to prevent your dog from jumping up on people, teaching the "speak" and "quiet" commands, some tips on how to review your obedience, and a quick training treat made out of chicken bologna.

Spring 2002 In our Spring 2002 edition we'll cover digging, why dogs bury bones, trash raiding, and a quick banana treat recipe.

Winter 2002 In this edition we'll cover problem solving for destructive chewing, appropriate chew toys for your dog's chewing habits, teaching your dog to shake hands, and a quick frozen chicken treat.

Fall 2001 This issue covers biting, canine dreams, scent signals, and a fun trick to teach your dog to spin.

Summer 2001 In this edition we will cover housebreaking, helping your dog deal with fireworks, and some helpful summertime hints.

Spring 2001 In this edition we'll cover crate training, teaching your dog aggressive behavior by accident, and some helpful springtime hints.

Winter 2001 Picking the right puppy, protecting your dog from the cold, blinking, and the wonderful smells our dogs work hard to find.

Fall 2000 Preventing dogs from biting children is every dog owner's responsibility.

Summer 2000 The heat brings many dangers for our dogs.

Spring 2000 As the weather improves, there are a few things we should watch out for.

Winter 2000 As we start the new year, it's a good idea to find out what our dogs are trying to tell us.

Winter 1999 The holidays are upon us and with so much on our minds it's easy to over look our furry friends.


Lexi's Corner

Life as a Dog Trainer's Dog is full of ups & downs.

Host Lexi Lexi loves to help greet the guests and special deliveries for our party.

Master Cook Lexi is very helpful in the kitchen, especially with the clean up chores.

Didn't Do-it Lexi Lexi gives her advice on stealing.

Teachers Assistant Lexi Lexi teaches the boarding students some new tricks.

Critic Lexi Lexi gives her review of our new Puppy Book.

Dress-up Lexi Lexi gets to try on a number of costumes for Halloween.

Computer Expert Lexi Lexi shows off her computer skills.

Big Helper Lexi During this busy holiday season, Lexi can really be a big helper.

Artist Lexi. Carpet painting by the master. Lexi shows off her artistic skills.

Meet Lexi, In all her glory and share a Liver Treat with your pet.

Princess Lexi. Invites you to try her favorite hot dog treats.

Lexi. Puts on a show and tries her friends' cheese cookies.

Miss Lexi. While dad works she keeps busy and her favorite ice cream treat.