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Teaching "Roll Over"

Dog Trick--Teaching "Roll Over"

Start by having your dog lay down on his belly. Kneel down beside him and gently roll him over on his side. Calmly talk to him and say "roll over." Lift his legs so his belly shows. Take your time and carefully use your hands to roll him over the rest of the way, saying his name and "roll over." Then praise your dog with an enthusiastic and excited "Good boy!" As your dog starts to get the idea, you may help your dog roll over when he attempts to roll over on his own. Give lots of praise and a treat as soon as he rolls over to the other side.

Only roll your dog on soft surfaces, like carpet or grass, so he doesn't hurt his back. Some dogs don't like to roll over because it's scary for them to put their belly up. Try it a few times and if it's not fun for your dog, choose another trick.