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How To Teach Take A Bow


The easiest way to teach this trick is to catch your dog in the act of ‘bowing’ on his own.  When you see your dog take a big stretch, with his head down low and rear end up in the air, say “take a bow” or “bow”.  Every time your dog wakes up and stretches, say the ‘bow’ command.  Someday you will say ‘take a bow’ and your dog will take a big stretch but it will look like he is bowing.  If you reward your dog with a treat, be sure to put it in his mouth while he is in the ‘bow’ position, when his front legs and head reach the ground. 

Or you could practice by having your dog stand sideways in front of you.  Place one hand and/or arm under his belly to hold him up.  With the other hand, place a treat in front of the dog’s nose and gradually have him follow it to the ground, keeping him from lying down.  Give the dog a reward when he is in the ‘bow’ position.

Tip: Tricks like this work because you put words with something your dog already does naturally.  It may take some dogs longer than others to figure this our.  Some dogs can learn this in a week and others might take months or even years.  But one day your dog will do a great pet trick, you’ll say “bow” and maybe your dog will be able to bow for his audience.