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Trick of the Day--SPIN!

This is a very simple trick. Start with your dog standing in front of you and facing you. Hold out a doggie treat and show it to the dog. Stand still and say "Spin!" Lead the dog's nose around with the treat so he walks in a circle. When he comes back to where he is facing you, say "Good Spin!" and give him the treat.

After a couple of training sessions, try it without the treat by just having the dog follow your finger. With a little practice, this can evolve into a simple finger spin hand signal and the word "Spin!" Before you know it, your dog will soon be able to spin around in a circle at your command. Make sure to keep it to one or two rotations to keep your dog from getting dizzy.

Advanced trick--If your dog spins in one direction every time, repeat the steps above to train him to spin in the opposite direction. You can even teach him to spin right or spin left.