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Dog Training Muzzles

Dog muzzles can be extremely helpful in creating a safe situation when you have a dog that uses their mouth for either play or aggression. Safety is always the number one most important part of any dog training program. If you are worried during your dog training sessions, this will be transferred to your dog and effect your training session. It is important that your are calm and in control at all times.

Nylon Muzzles

Nylon muzzle are often used in grooming exercises. They are very common since they are inexpensive. The draw back of this type of muzzle is that is restricts your dog from opening their mouth and prevents them from using their panting to cool themselves down. It is this reason that these muzzles should never be left on for extended periods of time.

Basket or Wire Muzzles

Basket muzzles are a great type of muzzle. These allow your dog to freely open their mouth and drink water. You can even feed treats through the openings. This is the best type of muzzle to used when working on aggressive behaviors since it allows you to see their mouth when they used their lips for signaling aggression. These muzzles come in different types of materials like plastic, metal and leather.

Agitation Muzzles

These are the heavy duty safety muzzles and are used during aggression training to provide maximum protection to unprotected helpers and handlers. These muzzles are tested for high combat situations and are often used during police or military protection dog training. While they look quite threatening they offer the best protection and safety.