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Dog Training Harness

Dog harnesses are used to distribute pressure over a wide area of your dogs body making it easier for your dog to pull or take an impact. The dog harness is a tool that promotes pulling. So if you do not want your dog to pull, you need to switch to a collar. There are a few different types of dog harnesses based on what your goals in pulling are. The dog harness has also been adapted to be used as a seat belt in the car to prevent your dog from getting thrown from the vehicle in the case of a sudden stop.

Basic Dog Harness

This variety includes the basic nylon or leather style of simple straps around your dogs chest and body. Most pet stores carry this variety and they are relatively inexpensive.

Seat Belt Harness

While the basic harness can be adapted for seat belt use, many models have been designed just for this purpose. Car riding safety is important for your dog just as much as it is for the people since dogs have no way to brace themselves in the event of a sudden stop or impact. Often times they don't even see it coming.

Carting Harness

These types of harnesses are designed to be attached to carts or dog powered vehicles. They normally have extra attachment loops for these different types of equipment.

Tracking Harness

In tracking we want the dog to pull us to the destination. This pulling can take awhile so we want a very comfortable fitting harness. These often have padding on the breast areas making it much more comfortable than the basic model.

Tracking Harness

Black Leather Tracking Harness




Agitation Harness

The agitation harness is designed to take sudden impacts from the dogs. In aggression training the dog is constantly pulling and lunging hitting the end of the leash at quite an impact. The harness is designed to provide the most comfortable feeling for these impacts.

Agitation Harness

Black Leather Agitation Harness